Bengali-India FUEL Meetup

Bengali-India FUEL Meetup

First of all I want to give a brief description on FUEL project. FUEL is an open source effort that aims to solve the problem of inconsistency and lack of standardization in software translation across platforms. FUEL provides linguistic and technical resources, such as standardized terminology resources, computer translation style and convention guides, assessment methodologies, complex text-layout rendering references, and translation assessment matrices. FUEL can be adopted by any localized content-generating organization or team that wants to ensure consistently high quality. The approach of FUEL to create linguistic resources is not different from any software development. The uniqueness of the idea behind FUEL is the power of collaborative innovation.

Last Week, on 22nd February we the Bengali India Community organized an event named as bn_IN FUEL Meetup. A group of 15 enthusiastic localizers were invited to the event but hardly 10 came up and atlast 4-5 members worked hard to complete those 3 given FUEL projects.

On the first phase Biraj Karmakar, the organizer of this event took us to the depth of the FUEL projects. Where hr told us about the FUEL Terminology , Style Guide , Assessment Matrix.

On the very next half we started contributing to the Pontoon projects of FUEL terminologies. There were 3 new comers. We started to give them task and they were submitting and side by side we were also reviewing their submissions. Then as we had a very short time left. We divided ourselves into two parts. Me and Biraj Karmakar. I started the cloud part and biraj da started the web part.

At the end of the day, few strings were left. I came back home and sat down with those strings and finished it within that night only. 🙂

Thanks to Mozilla and obviously Biraj Karmakar for this event and I also want to thank Matjaž Horvat for setting up this project in pontoon. Pontoon is just soo Freaking AWESOME. 🙂

Special thanks to Rajesh Ranjan  and entire FUEL team who gave us this chance.

And yes till now, I am the top most contributor at Pontoon.. 🙂 😀 which inspires me a lot.. 🙂

Top Contributors of Pontoon.

I want to mention some names at the end who helped us to complete the project on that day only. They are:

1. Mainak Roy Chowdhury

2. Koustav Samadder (Reviewer)

3. Pavak Paul

4. Biraj Karmakar (Reviewer)

5. Sayantan Saha

6. Ayan Choudhury (Reviewer)

Now Some Glimpses of that day.. 🙂

Doing Good Is A Part Of Our Code… 😀