Firefox OS Booth – Konstruct Fest, WBUT – 2015

Firefox OS Booth – Konstruct Fest, WBUT – 2015

Konstruct Fest WBUT – Kolkata’s First Open Source Festival. Reporting the Day 1 of this fest.

On the very first day of this biggest fest of WBUT, We, the mozillians from Kolkata gave a Firefox OS booth at the very first day of Konstruct, 2015. Yes it was really an awesome experience. A bunch of enthusiastic pupils were so much interested in Firefox OS phones and its features. Maybe the no of pupil be less but the enthusiasm among them were very much.

Thanks to Ranodeep Saha, the GS of Konstruct Fest, WBUT for making this event happen and also at the end of the day yes it was quite a good response that we got.

Firefox OS Booth was handled by:

1. Umesh Agarwal

2. Biraj Karmakar

3. Ayan Choudhury

4. Sumantro Mukherjee

5. Sayantan Saha

6. Sukanta Pal

7. Koustav Samadder

Some glimpses of the day. Hope you will like it.. 🙂

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More updates coming soon regarding Mozilla Event on 1st March. Stay Tuned.. 😀

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