App Day – Narula Institute of Technology

App Day – Narula Institute of Technology

Hi, Its App Day time now. My first ever App Day in Kolkata. Was little bit tensed regarding the output of the event but at the end of the day, it was quite satisfactory, maybe there was no app published on that day, but a group of enthusiastic pupil participated for the App Day and they tried their best to make a standard app.

It was Kritanj 2015, the official Techno Management festival of Narula Institute of Technology and the Firefox OS App day was the very first event of that Tech Fest. Thanks to all the FSAs of Narula Institute of Technology, their club Moz Club – NIT for helping us conducting this event. I would like to mention some names who helped us a lot for organizing this event and they are:

1. Afnan Kayal – Club Lead – Moz Club NIT

2. Joy Roy

3. Sandeep Mishra

4. Zeba Saha

5. Radha Kumari



We started at around 12 P.M. and we extend it till 4 P.M. I regret to say that, there was very poor community response. Nobody except Sumantro Mukherjee, Shahid Farooqui and Debapriya Bhattacharya make it to the event. Biraj Karmakar was not there because he was out of station due to some commitment. Thanks to our FSA of the month March, Ranodeep to make it to the event venue and for helping us there. 🙂


At about 20-25 pupil sat and tries to make applications. Thought there was no complete app for the shortage of time but yes, they atleast tried, that pleased me very well. 🙂


Event Details:

A wonderful initiative by Mozilla Club – NiT and Kritanj-2015, A group of enthusiastic FSAs want to hold a competition on Firefox OS App making at their upcoming tech fest on 28-29st March, 2015.
For this event/competition it will be good if the attendees or participants have a ‘GOOD’ knowledge in HTML5, CSS3 & JavaScript.
Registration link is:
Mozillian Organizer – Ayan Choudhury –
Mozilla Representative – Biraj Karmakar –
  • Brief idea on Mozilla: Mission, Products and Projects 
  • Introduction of Firefox OS and brief idea how to develop Firefox OS app  
  • Mozilla Web API 
  • Collecting the app ideas 
  • Making a group of 2 for the competition
  • giving them 4-5 hours to complete one app
  • Submission of App
  • Choosing the best app from all those
  • Declaring the best 3 apps
  • Giving them prizes

Though there was no submission of application on that day, but the attendees has promised that they will complete those applications and will submit those to marketplaces.



As a first App Day Organizer, it was quite a good experience. Though there were loads of mistakes and misunderstanding but it was quite valuable for setting up my future App Day planning.


Doing Good Is A Part Of Our Code


Thank You 🙂

Your Sincerely,

Ayan Choudhury


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