MozSetup – JGEC (A memorable experience in North Bengal)

MozSetup – JGEC (A memorable experience in North Bengal)

Well, Hello There.. ūüôā

I am back with my Blog. This time it was North Bengal, yes the beautiful North Bengal. The venue was Jalpaiguri Government Engineering College. My first organized event outside of Kolkata. It was quite an awesome experience. Thanks to Swarnava Sengupta for giving me company regarding Budget, Logistics, Planning and other stuffs.

I would mention two names here, one is Shiladittya Paul and another one is Ranendra Bose, the FSAs of Jalpaiguri Government Engineering College, without whose cooperation this event would have been so unsuccessful.

A brief about the event and the planning:

MozSetup – JGEC
Date – 1st April, 2015
Venue – Jalpaiguri Govt. Engineering College, Jalpaiguri
College Organizer: Shilyadittya Paul & Ranendra Narayan Bose
Mozillian Organizer: Ayan Choudhury –
Mozilla Representative: Swarnava Sengupta –
Proposed Event Summary:
This¬† is the first time we are going to organize an event at Jalpaiguri¬† Government Engineering College. It is a place of great talent and mind¬† too. We are expecting at around 100-150px people who will be learning¬† about Firefox OS. There is a group of FSA’s in JGEC, and the club¬† details is here:¬† So, that is also one of our motivation to re-launch the Firefox Club¬† and to recruit new FSA’s so that they also can work properly and also¬† can organize more events in that college only.
Reps Portal Event Link:
Overall objective of the event:
  • Spreading Awareness about Open Source and Mozilla, with session on how to contribute to Mozilla
  • Getting a new community base ready for contribution in Firefox OS Core Development or App Development.
  • Tapping into current coding community to start contributing to Mozilla
Target Audience:  As it the first time we are doing any event on Firefox OS at Jalpaiguri  Govt. Engineering College. We are expecting 250+ participant on that  day.
Measure of Succession: The  number of Students registering for the event and the end of the day how  much they have learnt from the event will be the measure succession.  Beside that, the no of FSAs recruited and the club launching will also  be a part of succession.
Requirement (Speakers, Goodies, Budget etc.):
  • 3 Speakers to speak on Mozilla Mission and awareness and train on Firefox OS app development session.
  • Goodies to be provided to the best contributors and some minor goodies to be given to the audience.
Mozillian Invitees:
Non Local Mozillians:
Training Materials:
The training material was brought by the Speakers.
The  event will be publicized using both online and offline means. We will  putting poster and flyers throughout the campus (on notice boards and  common gathering points), and will also be using Publicity medium of  JGEC.
Event Agenda:
Date : 1 April 2015 [confirmed]
(Morning Session Starting at 10:00 am)
Venue : Jalpaiguri Government engineering College
10:00-10:15 – Introduction about the event, Speakers
10:30-11:30 – Mission Mozilla & Its Projects
11:30-1:00 – Dive into Firefox OS Session
01:00 – 2:00 – Lunch Break
02:00-04:30 – Handson Session on Firefox OS App Development, Submission, demo
04:30-05:00 – Fsa Recruitment
As per the planning, everything worked just fine. We started our journey from Kolkata on the night of 30th March, 2015. Reached New Jalpaiguri station on the very next day morning. And Shiladitya were right there in time to pick us up. We went to hotel, took rest, did our lunch and then went out for side scene and also went to college to see all the setup and other stuffs so that we don’t face any problem at the time of Event.

1st April, 2015

As per the planning we started our event. It was quite a good response. 150+ turned out for the event out of 200 final registration.

Phase 1 –

Srijib Roy and Me started with Mission Mozilla and its products. We described them What Mozilla is, What is our Mission, What is our products and loads of other stuffs.

Phase 2 –¬†

Dive into Firefox OS – As per the planning again Sumantro Mukherjee, Srijib Roy and Me jumped into Firefox OS introduction and other cool stuffs regarding Firefox OS. We explained them, why Firefox OS, why not Android or other cool OSs? We explained them the benefits of Firefox OS and many more things.

Phase 3 –¬†

We gave them a lunch break. But before giving them a lunch break I did asked the audience, that if they were feeling bore or not? Some of them said no, some said yes and others were neutral. SO I did a trick, I asked them who can sing for us, for the audience? If he/she comes out and sing for all of us, we will give them a badge and a sticker. So it did work. One boy came out and sang a beautiful song. The audience charmed up – Went for the lunch and then came back.

Phase 3 –¬†

Its just started after the lunch break is over Sumantro & Me dived into the app dev session. We made them understand how we are going to make apps, how actually manifest.webapp file looks like. We made them understand each and every single details of making an application. Even we taught them HTML5 and CSS3 too. ūüôā

It was quite a good experience. Because App Dev is my favourite contribution area right now.

We are done with our session as the attendees now sat down and gave us some awesome app ideas. ūüôā

List is here only –

Application Ideas of Mozsetup JGEC
Submitted on – 1st April, 2015
1. A DND App – which when someone is calling and the other person donot want to answer his/her call, the phone wil automatically send him.her a message that the phone is unreachable/phone is switched off.
2. an app which enables a gadget to perform face recognition of a person and get his personal details like identity
3. Graphics LAb – An App for creating 3D graphics and designing any emgineering drawing, just like CAD softwares which will be useful for CAD
4. Lyrics Synchronization for songs – App automatically searches for the lyrics and synchroniz the lineds.
5. An app which helps women when they would be in danger. It recognise the word hrlp and send the location of the women to police or her contacts.
6. An app through which we can access the data from phone memory of another mobile which is already switched off or it will transfer charge from one mobile to another.
7. Technology which can charge mobile through Wi-Fi
8. ATM balance checker of all the banks
9. College Students’ database
10. All the information about latest gadget and many more technical updates via a website portal
11. Geek World – To introduce forums where any one can share new ideas. cool hangout place where people can chat and implement them
12. Academic App – Divide Syllabus – Assessment – Time Management – Assignments – Controlled access to web
13. A to-do list with long term and short terms goals. It will have periodic audio-visual reminder of completion being displayed
14. Memory Game
15. Memo – Reminder
16. to create an app to switch off or on a device from only a click of mobile from a distance
17. Brain Game
18. Search Engine / File FInder
19. MP3Player
20. An App to auto reject unwanted calls.
It was quite a good event and also a very much interactive event. Pupils/attendees enjoyed a lot. Will love to do more such events outside Kolkata.
Thank you.. ūüėÄ
More photos –
Flicker – Mozilla Kolkata –¬†MozSetup JGEC
Twitter – @mozillakolkata

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