Reporting from BOOTH “Webmaker 1: X-Ray & Thimble” at Hive KGP

Reporting from BOOTH “Webmaker 1: X-Ray & Thimble” at Hive KGP

Hey all,

This is Ayan, a Mozillian from Kolkata and volunteering at biggest Hive event at Kharagpur on 20th-21st December, 2015. I am reporting from my booth – WEBMAKER 1 – X-Ray & Thimble..

The environment is just fabulous here. Awesome students, they are so much interested to learn and explore. One student of class 8 just now asked me that he wants to learn “Javascript”. I am simply stunned!! He is just in class 8 and want to learn Javascript!! Wow!! Simply just Mindblowing!!

We all are posing infront of My Booth with the big Webmaker banner!!

Really I am happy that I am a Webmaker Skill Sharer. There is so much happiness in sharing skills and everything and the pupils are so much enthusiastic to learn that.. Wow.!!

The Habit Of teaching is just mindblowing, Some Glimpses:

At the end of the Day.. Yes I am satisfied.. 😀

The Smile Of Satisfaction on My Face.. :)
The Smile Of Satisfaction on My Face.. 🙂

The Kids are simply exploring thimble and X-ray Googles. But the main problem I am facing is the internet connection. Thats why couldn’t made anything. Just showed them some HTML, CSS through notepad++.

I showed them How to make a Resume using X-Ray Goggles and here is the glimpse

X-Ray Goggles Page of My Resume
X-Ray Goggles Page of My Resume

I am showing them some awesome thimble page:

Reading Out Some Feedback at my booth:

It is very interesting – Sumeer

This event is very nice – Namita

It was nice – Sipra

It is very useful for school students – Anonymus

Myself Rahul Kashyap enjoying the X-Ray Goggles very much

It is very nice and he is very tallented – Damini

This is a nice event – Raima

I like X-Ray Googles & Thimble – Anonymus

Awesome One – Sumitra

It was awesome to attend this hive maker party – Sanndhya Bhargavi

It is very nice and I like all the things – Maheshwary

It was so interesting that I want to visit the booth once again – Subhojit Dhar | VIII B (This is the Javascript Guy 😛 )

I like it very much – Kunal Kumar Singh from KVS

X-Ray Googles is the best of Mozilla – Pawan

It is a interesting way to remix website – Suneth pathek

I learnt an interesting way that how to remix Website – Ritik Kr. Singh

Pheew!! Quite a long Feedback.. 😀

Atlast a Group photo with those kids. 😛

The enthusiastic Participants..
The enthusiastic Participants..

And Now its my picture time. LOL!! 😛

We all were posing before my booth with the Webmaker banner!!
The Enthusiasm in those Child 😀

Talking about my experiences I am simply carried away with the environment. Nothing to describe much as you all can see the enthusiasm in those pics.. 😀

Thanks for going through. Will love to attend more event like this. Where we can unlearn and relearn things. AWESOME!! 😀

Photo Courtesy : Biraj karmakar & Pinaki Bhandari

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